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Public transport

All timetables in Switzerland, regardless of the service provider, are available on the SBB website or in the app.

The train tickets are 50% cheaper when buying the Halbtax card (demi-tariff / metà-prezzo). Children under 6 years use the transport free of charge, youth up to 16 years at half price. There is also a Junior Card (CHF 30 per year) for children under 16 years of age - when they are travelling with one or both parents, they ride free of charge. With the SBB app, it is also possible to buy a Sparbillet (billets dégriffé / biglietto risparmio), i.e. the ticket for the selected train is cheaper at the selected time. In the case of a regular ticket, the ticket is valid on the selected date, regardless of the time of departure of the train. In some places, there is a night ticket (Nachtzuschlag) for public transport at night.


Cycling is very popular in the cities. The impression may deceive in some cases but a bicycle is a vehicle that is subject to the same traffic rules as other vehicles. Bicycle lane must be used, children (up to 12 years old) are also allowed to cycle on the sidewalk. When it gets dark, bicycle lights are mandatory. Penalties apply for non-compliance. It is important to remember that traffic offenses are not always determined by the means of transport, but the offender is seen as a person. In other words, an intoxicated bicycle accident can also result in the loss of driver's license.

Be sure to mark your frame number, in case your bike is stolen. Used bicycles can be bought from Ricardo , Anibis or Velomärkte , Occasionsvelo , Velobörse , Velomarkt .

Man on His Bike


The foreign driving license must be exchanged for a local driving license within 12 months of moving to Switzerland, otherwise a driving test must be taken. Read information about the required documents on the website of the Regional Road Administration .

Also read the Swiss traffic rules, speed limits are different than in Estonia. Inspections are usually carried out with traffic cameras. There is no separate tax on motorways, but there must be a motorway sticker fixed to the car window. This is available at e.g. border crossing points and at petrol stations. Summer and winter tires must also be replaced (studded tires are not permitted in Switzerland). When driving to the mountains in the winter, it is smart to take snow chains with you (obligation to rig the snow chains ist marked by signs).

The car's registration number accompanies the owner, not the car. When changing the canton of residence, the registration number at the Road Administration must also be changed. The first letters of the license plate indicate the place of residence, e.g. ZH 60552 means that the car owner lives in the canton of Zurich. When changing residence within Switzerland, the change of address must be notified within the first week after moving.

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