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Not only the Swiss Estonian Association is active in Switzerland, contacts with compatriots can also be established in other ways. If you are interested, feel free to contact and join the group's activities!


I.M.E. Choir

In the autumn of 2014, the Estonian Choir was founded in Switzerland to cultivate the evergreen tradition of singing among Estonians living in Switzerland and to please their hunger for Estonian (choir) music. The choir participated on the SEA's events and practiced monthly with its conductor Jane Tiik in Basel and in other cities in the German part of Switzerland. In 2017, the choir society International Music-friends of Estonia, or I.M.E., was formed. Rehearsals were now held also in Lausanne and Geneva.


In July 2019, I.M.E. participated in the 150th anniversary song festival under the flags of Switzerland, Estonia and Brazil. Namely, 2 of the 22 members of the choir were Brazilians, 7 were Swiss and and the rest were Estonians from Switzerland and from Southern Germany. In 2020 the choir started under the new conductor Anu Tähemaa and since August Elo Tammsalu-Schmitz.


The choir is open to everyone who plays Estonian music, regardless of nationality. The rehearsal schedule and additional information can be found on the choir's website .

Estonian Children and Youth Club


The Estonian Children's and Youth Club operating in Switzerland has grown out of the Swiss Estonian Play Group established in 2014 in Zurich. It is led by teachers doing it on a volunteer basis.


The aim of the Club is to introduce Estonian culture and language to children and young people with Estonian origin living in Switzerland. Much of the club's activities take place through communication, group work, games and physical activities. The main emphasis is on self-expression and expanding the Estonian vocabulary. Of course, there is also a lot of music, songs and exciting celebrations of Estonian holidays!


The Estonian Cultural Society in Bern

The Estonian Cultural Society in Bern / Estnische Kulturverein in Bern organizes cultural events in Bern. The society has organized more than ten literary salons. Estonian authors Armin Kõomägi, Valdur Mikita and Made Luiga have visited the literary salon. In the summer, a traditional literary picnic takes place on Gurten, on the homemountain of Bern. On Gurten, in addition to discussions on literature, you can admire a picturesque alpine panorama and a glorious view of the city of Bern. Estonians from all over Switzerland participate in its events.

Another field of activity is the screening of Estonian films in Bern. “Eia's Christmas" and "Tashi Delek!" offered very nice experiences.


You can contact the Estonian Cultural Society in Bern by e-mail ekvber [at] There ist also a Facebook group.

Regional contacts

Zurich / Eastern Switzerland

Meribel Hagen

estoswiss [at]

Graubünden / Ticino

Annika Fibbioli

annika.fibbioli [at]


If you have any questions or are looking for contact with other Estonians, you can feel free to contact the members of SEA.

French-speaking Switzerland

Sirja Bessero

sirja.bessero [at]


Liina Pärn

liinaparn [at]


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