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The Swiss Estonian Association (SEA) has been active for over 65 years and it brings together Estonian-speaking and Estonian-minded people from all over Switzerland. According to the Swiss Statistical Office, in 2020 are almost 1´000 Estonians living in Switzerland, most of them around Geneva and Zurich. In addition to Estonians who have moved here and their families, people who are interested in learning the Estonian language, whose grandparent were Estonians, and people who want to be associated with Estonian culture also take part in the SEA's activities.

The management board of SEA provides its members information about upcoming events, transmits consular information and shares news about Estonian cultural events that take place either in Swizerland, which are intended for Estonians abroad or that are in some way related to Estonia. We distribute notifications via e-mail, Facebook page and also on Instagram. If you are interested in receiving information about the SEA activities by e-mail or want to receive information about upcoming events, send your request to SEA´s e-mail address or contact us on Facebook Swiss Estonian Society. You can find the calendar of current events in the "Events" section.

Swiss Estonian Association organizes three major events each year, which are Midsummer's Day, Christmas and the Estonian Independence Day. In addition, smaller, but no less important events being organized, such as Pur-Pur evenings (a lounge in Zürich, where we meet a couple of times a year), group trips, concert visits and more.

The activities of SEA are dependent directly on support of its members. Support comes in the form of membership in the association and also participating our events. If you would like to support our activities, you can lend us a helping hand by helping us to organize events as well as making donations to the SEA.

Being a member of the Association is not an obligation but a privilege and we invite all Estonians and their families in Switzerland to join us! Read how to become a member here.



We are always grateful for the support and donations from individuals who do not want to be members of the Association, but would like to susstain our activities. Thanks to donations, we can contribute to the creation and implementation of a long-lasting program. For more information, contact us or join our program in the future. Swiss Estonian Association also shares information about important Estonian-Swiss contacts.


You can read more about Swiss Estonian Association's history, management and milestones in Ene Meriste's summary, which has been supplemented by other members of the association. Ene Meriste has published a beautiful story about the most important milestones in the history.



In 2018 Estonia celebrated its 100´th birthday, which is why the ex-president of the association, Mirjam Loertscher, created a separate website to cover all the events related to this year: EV100

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