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Welcome to Switzerland!

What is the Swiss Capital? What about the biggest city? And which language is spoken where? Does everybody chocolate all the time? Do Swiss people vote every week? You can find the answer to these and many other questions here .

A move to another country means many major changes in life, all of which take place at once. In order to support the adaptation of our compatriots to the new living environment and to find a 'shortcut', we will share practical and useful information with you.


If you have additional information that could be added to this page, let the us know.

It is worth remembering that since Switzerland is a federal republic, there are quite a lot of differences between cantons and local governments. As a result, there can also be many legal differences between neighboring villages. The best source of information is the local government.


The information is indicative and SES is not responsible for the accuracy of the data.

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