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St. Gallen Stadtbibliothek Katharinen

St. Galleni Katharinen Children's and Youth Library is the only library in Switzerland where children's books in Estonian are in the collection. There are also books by Estonian authors in foreign languages. Books in Estonian have been in St. Gallen Library since 2015, when the members of the SEA donated almost 300 books. The selection includes books for children and young people from contemporary authors from Kivirähk to Keränen and from Loog to Contra and some older children's favorites, like Lindgren and Niit.

If you would like to donate children's books in good condition to the library, please contact the us:

To borrow books from the library, you need to make a library card or come to Estonian Children and Youth Club meeting in Oerlikon (Zurich), where an election of books can be borrowed. Books can also be ordered and returned by post, the cost related to shipping to be covered by the borrower.

The digital catalog is available here .


You can also find Estonian classics in the Zurich Central library,

The association has also had the opportunity to use the premises of this cozy library to organize book presentations. So far, Ülo Pikkov, Kairi Look and Gerda Märtens have introduced their books. Gerda Märtens made the very first presentation of her first author's book "Northern" in St. Gallen.

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