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Stapel Zeitungen

Media channels

The national news and TV channel is SRF / RTS / RTI . Useful information about roads, weather, etc. can be found here . The On you can find information on various current topics.

Swiss news in English: The Local

The largest German-language newspapers are Neue Züricher Zeitung , Tagesanzeiger , Der Bund , Luzerner Zeitung and others. News in brief : 20 Minutes

In French, the news is covered by 24 heures , Le Matin and Le Temps . News in brief: 20 Minutes.

News in Italian can be read at Corriere del Ticino , laRegione .


In each city and region there are local newspapers such as Baslerzeitung, Bernerzeitung, Oberländer and others.

Mobile phone

In German-speaking Switzerland, the word "Natel" is used instead of the German word "Handy".

The largest telecommunications service providers are Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise. They offer both prepaid and contract mobile packages, the most common being contract solutions. There are other mobile service providers, but the previous three are network providers. For example, the MBudget offered by Migros uses the Swisscom network. The latter usually has the best coverage, i.e. the connection also quite good in the mountains.


Mobile rates can be compared on the Comparis page. For example, Prepaid-Vergleich can help you find a suitable prepaid card.

Frau, die ein Handy anhält
Frau mit Computer

Internet and television

Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise offer mobile, landline, internet and television services. Depending on your wishes, it is worth checking combo deals. There are also other providers. Depending on the region, the choice is larger or smaller. The connection option can be checked on the company's website.


Internet prices can be compared on the Comparis website.

In Switzerland, there is a mandatory radio and television tax, which must be paid annually. Serafe is CHF 335 per year per household. The first invoice arrives by post, i.e. you do not have to register anywhere.

You can also watch TV on the Internet without a TV contract, for example via Zattoo .

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